Our Products

Broom Handles

- Threaded handle, 360 15/16 X 60"

- Metal Ferrule handle, 360MF 15/16 X 60"

- Tapered Handle, 354T 1 1/8" diameter for floor squeegees

Citrus Degreaser

Citrus-Solution is a versatile heavy duty concentrated degreaser that can be used as an all-purpose cleaner on tiles, sinks, walls, etc. This product has been proven to be an excellent cleaner of applicances, stainless steel, cement floors and is great for removing stubborn rubber tire marks. Available in 4L, 4 X 4L, 20L, 210L and 1000L

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are thick, strong and pre-moistened with a natural fragrance and are an alcohol free formula. Each roll has 685 pre-moistened wipes measuring 8" X 7" (20.3 cm X 17.7 cm). 2 Rols per case. Health Canada Certified disinfectant, eliminates airborne chemicals and germs from spray bottles. (DIN# 02325853).

Dust Masks

N95 Respirator with adjustable nose clip / nose foam is great for grinding, bagging, sanding, sweeping and other dusty operations. The 3M 8210 Respirator is th emost popular particulate respirator in the world! These N95 masks are a high qulaity 3M respirator featuring lightweight construction for greater worker comfort and increased wear time. The N95 mask has an adjustable nose clip that helps provide a custom fit and secure seal.

Ear Plugs

The hot look in comfortable hearing protection, LASER-LITE (NRR 32) is the multi-colour earplub that workers love to use. The non-irritating, non-allergenic self-adjusting foam recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. LASER-LITES new formula gives it an extremely high noise rating, without affecting its unsurpassed comfort. LASER LIT is ideal for that portion of the population with smaller ear canals as they roll extremely small. Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974. Megenta/Yellow colour, packed in pairs in poly bags. Rating of NRR 32.

Facial Tissues

Our flat box facial tissue delivers premium quality and softness, providing the comforts of home away from home.

Gallon Pumps

Pump shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps and any other liquid out of gallons or pails.

Garbage Bags

All sizes in black and clear from regular to XX strong. Available by the case.

General Purpose Cleaner

When used diluted, it will penetrate industrial soil and grime. Where appropriate, this highly effective cleaner can be used for spray and wipe cleaning, damp mopping, or with an auto scrubber. It is safe to use of finished floors when used as directed. Lighly scented and pleasant to use, this VOC free formula leaves no residuals. Available in 4L, 4 X 4L, 20L and 205L.

Glass Cleaner

Quickly cuts through heavier soil deposits in plants, offices, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, etc. Removes soot, grease, fingermarks, cigarette smoke, waterstains, etc. from windows, mirrors, showcases, autoglass, ceramic tile, porcelain, stainless steel and other glass-like surfaces. Can be used as an all purpose spray-n wipe for all washroom surfaces. Available in 4L, 4 X 4L, 20L and 210L.

Hand Cleaner

This frangrance free foaming hand soap is formulated to be non-sensitizing. It produces a thick, rich foam lather that will effectively clean hands without the possibility of being sensitive to skin. Ideally suited for uses where there are francrance sensitivities or children with allergies. Leaves skin feeling supple and soft without any lingering fragrances. Available in 4L or 2 X 4L.

Industrial Degreaser

Industrial degreaser is a fast acting combination of solvents in a water based 100% biodegradable solution which quickly penetrates through grease, grime and other contaminants. Dries virtually residue free. Will comply with most green standards. Available in 4L, 4 X 4L, 20L and 210L.

Loop Mop Heads

Go green...naturally, with this new MicroEco mop made of post-consumer PET plastic soda bottles and revolutionary Microfiber technology. The advantages of using Microfiber yarn are minimizing linting, high resistance to chemicals & disinfectants resulting in a mop that works. This unique 4 ply yarn is manufactured from a combination of 2 strands of Microfiber yarn and 2 strands of Green PET synthetic fibers derived from plastic bottles. All mops are individually poly-bagged.

Mop Bucket

The WaveBrake mop bucket and wringer system reduces splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors and improved productivity. Includes a high efficiency down press wringer that lasts twice as long as a side press combo. Tested to exceed 100,000 wringing cycles and made of tubular steel and structural web molded plastic. Accepts optional dirty water bucket.

Nitrile Disposalbe Gloves

100% Nitrile, no fillers. No natural rubber latex protein. Puncture and tear resistant providing better protection against cuts and nicks. Excellent sensitivity and more durable for prolonged usage. Safeguards against oil, grease and organic solvents. Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Paper Towels

These high-capacity controled roll towels are ideal for high-traffic areas, office buildings, factories, sports facilities and hotel lobby restrooms or conventional facilities. It is designed for the environmentally conscious customer. Also available are cotrolled roll towels featuring a blend of pre and post-consumer wastepaper which ensures softness and quality. These towels have added value and benefits such as controlled usage and cost savings when combined with EcoPro brand controlled roll towel dispensers.

Pine Cleaner

Fragrant, naturally pine-scented, multi-purpose cleaner that is formulated to be self-rinsing and powerful. Easy to use, it has a highly concentrated quaternary compound to quickly and effectively control odors and leave the job sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Available in 4L, 4 X 4L, 20L and 210L.

Snap on Mop Handles

Lightweight mop handle is made of re-enforced high impact plastic and is designed to accomodate any size mop, both narrow and wide band. This mop handle features a unique lever which gives a new meaning to hands free. Simply snap the lever open to insert a new mop head or discard soiled mop head. Ideal for the most sanitary areas. Available in 54" or 60".

Trigger Sprayer

All sprayers are adjustable to provide a fine mist to a steady stream.

Tampico Broom Head

Tampico is a flexible and long wearing fiber that is ideal for both industrial and commercial cleaning, indoor and out. Available in 18", 24" and 36".

Toilet Tissue

With our jumbo 1 ply roll dispensing systems, time spent replacing rolls can be reduced by up to 90%. Savings are increased by eliminating theft, reducing waste and over consumption with vertually indestructible locking dispensors.

Urinal Pucks

Bio-enzyme urinal pucks are made of non-pDCB ingredients, composed of specially formulated bacterial cultures capable of degrading uric acid, the leading cause of odors in urinals. This product contains powerful biological cleaning agents proven to maintain clear and odor free urinal traps and lines by degrading teh crystalline structure of uric acid that can slow the drain system. Urinal pucks are spcially designed to be safer and less damaging then convential chemical, pDCB urinal blocks.

WHMIS Spray Bottles

Comply with WHMIS criteria with our pre-screened WHMIS spray bottles that allow you to fill in appropriate product information.