RTE Online Presence

Welcome to www.rtepropertymanagement.com. in late 2012, RTE Property Management hired Qaujimautik Systems, a Montreal-based firm to develop our online presence. We are hoping that we've explained our products and services, but should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 519-865-1483 or email us at info@rtepropertymanagement.com

Qaujimautik Systems

Qaujimautik Systems is an Inuit-owned firm based in Saint Lazare, Quebec, a Montreal suburb. Qaujimautik Systems specializes in web development and products and services geared toward communication and remote data delivery via the web.  Since 2006, Qaujimautik Systems has been providing real-time remote data delivery from custom-built monitoring stations to clients via web portals that integrate real time data from the Iridium satellite system and through cellular technologies.  Throughout the last few years Qaujimautik Systems has assisted in the design and development of several web based applications, websites and web portals from clients ranging from the Nunavik Landholding Corporation Association (NLHCA), the Nunavik Marine Region Planning Commission (NMRPC), the Nunavik Marine Region Impact Review Board (NMRIRB), and the Government of Nunavut.